LoopAtHome was a fun project during Ableton Loop (at home. thanks COVID-19). This short piece was created with the (*New) bitbox micro from 1010Music and 3 LFOs using PRES, a library full of gorgeous analog loops, rhythms and tones to splice, process and arrange using the kind of precision digital tools that the engineers who produced this material could only dream about. The challenge was to dive in among these samples, kits, and effect racks and create something of my own.
HydroFlask Holiday Promotional Video
Steve Joslin, a doctoral candidate in the University of Oregon's Music Technology program, plays a medley of classic Christmas carols on a one-of-a-kind instrument he constructed out of Hydro Flask bottles during a live Facebook broadcast on December 21, 2016.
Sunwise & Widdershins
An experiment with a singing bowl, accelerometer, and two Nerf balls as controllers. 
Sound: MainStage. Sensors: Arduino, MaxMSP.
The Secret Meeting of the Shoes
A short stop motion animation about shoes.
Camera: Canon 5DMKII Video: FinalCut Pro Sound: Logic X Voices: Steve Joslin
Coral Music
An interactive, multi-player game. This project was created by Steve Joslin, Mike McCrindle, Peter Raymond, and Macklin Underdown.Peter and Macklin created he underlying code, Mike composed all sounds and most visuals. Steve created the controllers for player interaction, overall gameplay/logic, and voiceover. 
Code: Processing  Sound: Logic X  Graphics: Adobe Illustrator
A World in Decay
This two minute video serves as the trailer to the show of the same title.
Camera: Conon 5dMKII  Video: FinalCut Pro  Audio: Logic X
The Dreamer
This two minute video serves as the trailer to the show of the same title.
Camera: Conon 5dMKII  : Motion  Video: FinalCut Pro  Audio: Logic X
Violin & Sensors
An experiment in controlling live sound output
Sensors: Shake SKII & Nintendo Wii Remote  Audio: MainStage & MaxMSP  
A Simple Kind of Mirror
An experiment in controlling sound and visual output in real time using a Microsoft Kinect sensor and MaxMSP.
Sensor: Microsoft Kinect  Audio: MainStage 
Colour Obscura
 This work features an iPhone generating colors. These colors are used to create data for generating and controlling audio in real time. 
Sensors: MacBook Pro Camera  Audio: MainStage  Control: MaxMSP
The Smell of Bread
 A short movie about memory, and bread.
Movie: Hali Eliza  Music/Sound: Steve Joslin  

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